What You’ll Learn At A Cannabis Trade Show

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Cannabis trade shows offer a great opportunity for industry professionals and entrepreneurs to network, learn, and showcase their products and services. Whether you’re a seasoned member of the industry or just beginning your journey, cannabis trade shows serve as a goldmine of knowledge and networking opportunities. In this blog, we’ll explore what you can expect to learn. 

What you’ll learn at a cannabis trade show 

From groundbreaking new products to regulatory compliance updates, B2B trade shows provide the insight and opportunities necessary to succeed in the cannabis industry. If you want to stay on top of industry trends and network with some of the leading professionals and brands in the space, these conferences are the place to be. Here’s some of what you can expect to learn when you attend a cannabis trade show.

Industry trends and insights 

The cannabis industry is always evolving, so staying on top of trends — from what customers are most interested in buying to the most effective brand strategies — is an important part of retaining a competitive edge. Cannabis trade shows provide expert panels and Q&As that can help you stay up to date on recent developments in the industry, providing actionable insights that you can immediately implement for your business. 

When attending panels and speaking sessions at a cannabis trade show, expect to learn about the market and size of the cannabis industry. You’ll also learn the latest regulatory developments in your market, the hottest products that consumers are looking for, and how to build successful partnerships with other companies.

Product knowledge 

The best cannabis trade shows are home to a wide range of businesses hailing from every market segment in the industry, including those with the most popular consumer products of the day. Take the opportunity to connect with these B2C exhibitors and learn about their products and how the market is reacting to them. You may even have the opportunity to observe some product demos, giving you the chance to see firsthand just what makes these products so special. 

Cannabis trade show floors are replete with new product innovations, from vaporizers and extracts to infused cannabis beverages. To understand the industry, you need to know what products consumers are buying, and a trade show can be a great way to see some of the latest and greatest consumer products out there. 

Regulatory compliance and legal issues 

Regulatory compliance and legal issues are critical concerns for businesses in the cannabis industry, where the rules are constantly changing as states work to set up their legal markets. Cannabis trade shows often showcase exhibitors and host sessions that focus on licensing, testing, and other regulatory requirements. Trade shows like CWCBExpo also offer education sessions led by industry experts to provide attendees with information on regulatory and compliance requirements to help navigate the complex legal landscape of the cannabis industry. 

Marketing and branding 

Top quality cannabis marketing firms are bound to attend cannabis trade shows, making these expositions a great opportunity to meet your next marketing team. Seminars and workshops focused on marketing and branding are often led by experts in the field, giving you the insights you need to effectively build your brand and spread the word to your target audience. 

If you want to take your business to the next level, you could partner with these companies to get professional marketers in your corner and start reaching your customers in new and creative ways. Branding and marketing is essential to standing out in a crowded market, and trade shows are a great place to start.

Cultivation and extraction

Cannabis trade shows also bring together plant-touching experts in cultivation and manufacturing, the critical players who underpin the entire supply chain of the cannabis industry. By attending a cannabis trade show, you’ll likely gain knowledge on topics ranging from pest management to sustainable growing practices. If you’re a retailer, you can use this opportunity to connect with potential suppliers and find top quality flower and extracts. After all, there wouldn’t be a cannabis industry without the cultivators who grow the flower and the manufacturers that process it into a wide variety of consumer products.

5 tips to get the most out of trade show educational seminars   

Each CWCBExpo conference offers cutting-edge seminars and educational sessions to provide direct industry insight and knowledge to attendees. These sessions are designed to provide attendees with valuable information regarding the latest trends, emerging technologies, and the best business practices for success. To make the most out of the trade show’s education sessions, attendees should follow a few key tips. 

1. Plan ahead

Looking at the agenda helps you get the most out of the education sessions at cannabis trade shows. With so many speakers and seminars to choose from, it can be overwhelming to navigate the schedule. Research and identify the topics you’re most interested in so you can create a game plan and prioritize sessions based on your interest. Not every panel will apply to your business, so use those times to walk the show floor and meet exhibitors. On each day of a cannabis trade show, there’s likely a speaking session that will apply to your business so come each day with an itinerary to get the most out of your visit.

2. Take notes

Bring a notepad and pen or pencil to every session you attend so you can take detailed notes to analyze after the trade show. Many of these sessions will include comments from industry leaders that you can use to boost your own business, and you never know when the next helpful tidbit of information might be shared. So pay close attention and jot down any good ideas you hear, as well as your thoughts on how they might apply to your business. 

Forgot your journal and pen? Not to worry — you’ll likely be able to pick them up as giveaways from exhibitor booths on the floor. And you can always use a note-taking app on your phone to record the advice you get from each session.

3. Engage with speakers 

Take the opportunity to ask relevant and insightful questions during Q&A sessions, and be sure to network with speakers after the session if possible. This is a valuable chance to exchange contact information and build relationships with experts in the industry.

Meeting speakers not only gives you an introduction to a leader in the space, it also gives you a foot in the door to their often expansive networks. You may also have the opportunity to collaborate with speakers or seek their guidance following the seminar. By actively engaging with industry experts, you can enhance your professional network, gain valuable mentorship and even open doors to work opportunities. 

4. Network with attendees 

Networking with other attendees is also a great way to make the most out of educational sessions at cannabis trade shows. Engage with other participants and exhibitors by introducing yourself and exchanging contact information – you never know who you might meet or what opportunities may arise from these connections. 

At the show “Where Deals Get Done,” CWCBExpo offers access to breakout rooms where you can sit and chat with any other attendees that you may want to have meetings with, giving you the chance to cement any promising new relationships. Many trade shows also offer post-session gatherings or events for attendees to gather and network in a more casual setting. CWBCExpo promotes a variety of post-show networking events where deal-making and business-building continue beyond the show floor daily experiences and extend into the evening. An example of a well-known industry networking and festive event that CWCBExpo offers is the Industry Yacht Party.

Yacht Party, 2023
Yacht Party, 2023


5. Follow up  

Following up after attending an education session is just as important as engaging with the speakers and anyone else you meet. Be sure to review your notes and organize the information you’ve gathered to help reinforce what you’ve learned and identify key takeaways to apply to your business. You can also follow up with speakers and attendees who you exchanged contact information with. Thank them for their time and expertise, and consider arranging a follow-up meeting or call to discuss further collaboration.

Additionally, sharing what you’ve learned with your team or online through social media like LinkedIn can help to build connections and establish yourself as a thought leader in the cannabis space. Set some time the week following a trade show to reach out to your new connections and offer additional time to discuss how you might be able to support one another’s goals.

What educational sessions are at CWCBExpo? 

There are many educational sessions available for attendees of CWCBExpo. The following are examples of the types of educational sessions that were on offer during CWCBExpo 2023:

  • Social Equity: Entrepreneurs, Change Makers, and Heroes 
  • The Future of Cannabis Tourism in the Big Green Apple and Beyond 
  • Compliance Issues for Cannabis Business Owners: Taxation, Liability, and the ERTC Program 
  • The Evolution of Cannabis Marketing from West to East
  • Consumer Products: What are the Most Popular and Hottest Products? 
  • Packaging Cannabis Products Safely & Responsibly 
  • Technology to Maximize ROI for Grow Facilities From Seed to Processing 

Make the most of CWCBExpo 

With extensive educational sessions and a diverse exhibitor line-up, CWCBExpo is the perfect event for cannabis businesses seeking up-to-date insight into the industry. Whether you’re a cannabis business vet or an industry newcomer, the exhibitors and education sessions at CWCBexpo offer a wealth of information and insight on a wide range of topics. If you missed out on CWCBExpo 2023, don’t worry — we’ll be back next year on June 5 – 6, 2024, with a rich lineup of speakers, exhibitors, and attendees dedicated to building the cannabis industry in New York and beyond.

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