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CWCBExpoInsider is your place for viewing a rotating collection of recorded sessions from the CWCBExpo conference program archive. Our first presentation is by cannabis advocate and NORML founder, Keitih Stroup.
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NORML Milestone Message - Celebrating 50 Years of Activism

Presented by Keith Stroup, with introduction by
Jenn Michelle Pedini

Keith Stroup has devoted his career and life supporting legalization of cannabis, and will deliver remarks on the milestone of 50 years of activism that NORML has provided to the movement. He will highlight the 50-year journey of NORML and comment on the progress of cannabis legislation across the United States. He’ll discuss ballot initiatives in several states post-election and highlight some of the most obvious road blocks to total Federal legalization and removal of cannabis from Schedule 1. As Founder of NORML, Stroup will give us his vision for NORML today as well as for the next few years of its advocacy work and mission. Finally, he will give encouraging words to supporters, activists, and hard-working business people in the industry who remain brave and continue to trailblaze forward under very challenging times.​

Presented November 17, 2021, at CWCBExpoInsider on-line event

Keith Stroup
R. Keith Stroup, Esq.

Founder, NORML

Keith Stroup is a Washington, DC public-interest attorney who founded NORML in 1970. Stroup obtained his undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Illinois in 1965, and in 1968 he graduated from Georgetown Law School in Washington, DC. Following two years as staff counsel for the National Commission on Product Safety, Mr. Stroup founded NORML and ran the organization through 1979, during which 11 states decriminalized minor marijuana offenses.


Stroup has also practiced criminal law, lobbied on Capitol Hill for family farmers and artists, and for several years served as executive director of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL). In 1994 Stroup resumed his work with NORML, rejoining the board of directors and serving again as Executive Director through 2004. He is currently serving as Legal Counsel with NORML.


In 1992 Stroup was the recipient of the Richard J. Dennis Drugpeace Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Drug Policy Reform presented by the Drug Policy Foundation, Washington, DC. In 2010 he received the Al Horn Award for Advancing the Cause of Justice from the NORML Legal Committee. And in 2012 Stroup received the High Times Lifetime Achievement Award.


In 2013 Stroup published the history of NORML entitled “It’s NORML To Smoke Pot: The 40 Year Fight for Marijuana Smokers’ Rights.”

Jenn Michelle Pedini
Jenn Michelle Pedini

Development Director, NORML

Jenn Michelle Pedini is the development director of NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, and serves as the executive director of the state affiliate, Virginia NORML.


Jenn Michelle’s work in Virginia has resulted in the implementation of a regulated medical cannabis program and the establishment of the Virginia Legislative Cannabis Caucus. At NORML, they ensure availability of resources and tools necessary to leverage the organization’s powerful grassroots support and elevate the work of the worldwide affiliate chapter network.


Prior to drug policy reform, they enjoyed a successful entertainment and media career with The Walt Disney Company.

They cut their advocacy teeth publishing accounts of two battles with lymphoma, chemotherapy, and finally a life-saving stem cell transplant to raise thousands of dollars for nonprofit organizations like Stand Up to Cancer and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.


Born and raised in Orlando, FL, Jenn Michelle has flown from the heights of Cinderella’s Castle, danced their way through the Magic Kingdom, and performed principal roles in countless shows throughout the Walt Disney World Resort property. Jenn Michelle resides in Richmond, and brings a sparkle of pixie dust to public policy.

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