Why CWCBExpo?

"The people. The opportunity. The experience."

Tim Seymour, Co-Host, CNBC Fast Money, at CWCBExpo NY 2022
Tim Seymour, Co-host, CNBC Fast Money

“This is a show by the people, for the people”

Tim Seymour
Co-host, CNBC Fast Money

Keiko Beatie, CWCBExpo
Keiko Beatie, Coral Cove Wellness
“What CWCBExpo has to offer, more than any other expo, is the expertise of the team that brings this together. They attract amazing speakers as well as great industry support for information on how to find your place in the cannabis industry."

Keiko Beatie, Coral Cove Wellness

Coral Cove Wellness
Michael Williamson, Director of Cultivation, PIPP Horticulture
Michael Williamson
PIPP Horticulture

PIPP Horticulture

“We decided to exhibit here because we’re excited about the New York market, the New Jersey market, and we wanted to get a feel for what’s going on in the industry, on the ground floor.”

PIPP Horticulture
Patrick Grier, Marketing Coordinator, PreRoll-er, NY 2023
Patrick G.
Marketing Coordinator


“We decided to exhibit at the CWCBE this year because there was a lot of business, and actually, the cannabis business is booming in New York so we need to be the first one, we need to be there at the beginning. It’s obvious. So that’s why we did it. My favorite part of exhibiting was, because we are right near the entrance, was the quality of questions, the quality of people. They are asking real questions, they know what they are talking about."

Danielle Corbin, Love You More Seamoss, NY 2023
Danielle Corbin
Love You More Seamoss

Love You More Seamoss

"The people. The opportunity. The experience. It was amazing. Our brand was definitely able to get out there.”
Love You More Seamoss
Harrison Bard, Co-Founder, Custom Cones USA
Harrison Bard, Custom Cones USA
"CWCBExpo has some really great connections in the local community in the New York area, so I noticed a lot of operators that we haven’t seen at other shows come out here and really represent the northeast.”

Harrison Bard, Custom Cones USA

Custom Cones USA
Temeka NY 2022
Chris Isley

Temeka Group

“Our company has built stores all across America, but now the opportunities are moving into the East Coast. CWCBE was a great way to expand our market area."

Temeka Group
Lucas McCann, CSO, CannDelta, NY 2023
Lucas McCann


“The New York market is probably one of the most exciting markets we’re very, very bullish on. Exhibiting here at CWCBExpo gives us the opportunity to be in front of everyone who’s thinking about starting a business in the cannabis industry. With seven million visitors every month, New York is really the place to be for starting a business in cannabis.”

Lysa Hoffman, MakeRukus Press, NY 2023
Lysa Hoffman
MakeRuckus Press

MakeRuckus Press

“I am grateful to have been at CWCBExpo as an exhibitor this year after watching my friends exhibit last year and work hard to launch their successes. In a weekend I made connections and business decisions that will change my life.”

MakeRuckus Press
Chris S., Delta 9 Analytical, NY 2023
Chris S.
Delta 9

Delta 9 Systems

"My favorite part was just the welcoming nature of all the other exhibitors around me, and also the staff here. Everybody was so helpful with everything that we had here, and it made it just one of the most enjoyable expos I’ve done in a long time."
Delta 9 Systems
Floyd Jarvis, BMCC, NY 2023
Floyd Jarvis

Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC)

“My favorite part of the show is….the connections that you make. You’ve got a lot of people from Canada, Ottawa, Colorado folks, California folks, people from D.C. You make so many connections, whether it’s growers, cultivators, manufacturers, people selling papers. You’re gonna learn a lot.”

BMCC, Borough of Manhattan Community College
Mary Jane Oatman, Executive Director, COO, Indigenous Cannabis Industry Association (ICIA), NY 2023
Mary Jane Oatman (right)

Indigenous Cannabis Industry Association (ICIA)

“It has been very impactful, super phenomenal...it’s our first time as an organization to be here, and we have made so many new partners. And the love and energy that is here is unlike any other trade show I’ve been to.”

ICIA Indigenous Cannabis Industry Association
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