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Summer Newsletter 2022
Legalization and Licensing Milestones

New York
As the New York State Office of Cannabis Management progresses its licensing program of legal cannabis businesses, be mindful of the open comment periods which come to an end soon. They are asking for public commentary with noted deadlines as follows:


  • Proposed Laboratory Testing Regulations – comment period closes August 15, 2022
  • Proposed Packaging, Labeling, Marketing and Advertising Regulations – comment period closes on August 15, 2022
  • Revised Medical Cannabis Regulations – comment period closes September 19, 2022

Visit the Office of Cannabis Management website to learn more.


New York State Government

New Jersey
The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission has proposed new rules and is also seeking public commentary. They have proposed new rules on numerous aspects of the state’s personal-use cannabis market and want to hear from the public.

The comment period expires September 30, 2022.

Read about it on the the NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission website.

Kudos to New Jersey for obliterating the taxes on medical cannabis as of July 1, as part of the 3-phase tax elimination for medical cannabis.

Read about it here.


NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission

Federal Legalization
It seems that the prospect of federal legalization has signs of hope every now and again, and then the big “but” shows up. Cannabis legalization supporter, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, introduced legislation to legalize cannabis federally this past July 21.

But – it lacks the necessary bipartisan votes in the Senate to pass. The bill addresses giving states the rights to set cannabis laws in the wake of any federal legalization, including creation of business grant programs to those wanting to enter the industry in communities adversely affected by drug laws. Much more is addressed in the bill “but” much work and more support is needed to get any such bill or parts of it passed.

Read about it at Politico.


And by the way, related to Federal Legalization…
Recent poll data gathered by the Economist and YouGov showed that by a margin of 2 to 1, Americans are supportive of a Federal legalization mandate legalizing adult use of marijuana.

Read about it on NORML.

International News

Our editors came across this Washington Post article and we wanted to share it. It is important to promote those world-wide heroes in our industry who are among the brave, courageous and committed. The cannabis conversation has been started by Kenyan presidential candidate George Wajackoyah. He is making it a cornerstone of his campaign.

A must read from the Washington Post.

The Washington Post
CWCBExpo Exhibitor Testimonial

“We got to meet a lot of distributors, retail stores, licensed growers, so the leads have been quality… CWCBExpo is almost like a staple: You gotta be here!”  urbanXtracts, CWCBExpo 2022

CWCBExpo Video Highlights Corner

“Trends and Opportunities in Marijuana and Hemp,” presented by Amanda Reiman, Vice President Policy Research, New Frontier Data

Are you thinking of expanding your business on the East Coast? At our recent CWCBExpo New York 2022 conference, New Frontier Data’s Amanda Reiman highlighted cannabis market and business trends, including cannabis opportunities in New York.

Click here to watch this presentation.

Amanda Reiman, June 2022

“In Conversation With…Tremaine Wright,” with Gia Morón

Also at our CWCBExpo New York 2022 conference, Tremaine Wright, Chair of the New York State Cannabis Control Board, discussed cannabis licensing in New York State with Gia Moron, President of Women Grow, and Founder/CEO of GVM Communications. Discover how your business might secure a license in the hottest market in the United States.

Click here to watch this presentation.

Wright and Gia Morón, NY 2022
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