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October Newsletter 2022
Legalization and Election News

Multi-state Ballot Measures: 5 States to Vote on Recreational Cannabis

Five states will have ballot measures during the upcoming midterm elections for voters to consider making recreational marijuana legal in their state. We will soon learn the outcome of what those measures will be for Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, North Dakota and South Dakota.

The Washington Post

Federal Legalization

While voters patiently await the outcome of state ballot measures pertaining to cannabis, it is important to make note of the continued efforts by NORML to push legalization forward on a federal level. Read the Op Ed written by Paul Armentano, Deputy Director entitled, “NORML Op-Ed: Cannabis Must Be Removed From the Controlled Substances Act.”


This Op Ed originally was published in The Hill on October 21, 2022.

NORML Op-Ed: Cannabis Must Be Removed From the Controlled Substances Act


Global Legalization

Earlier in the first weeks of October, President Biden announced pardons to those individuals who had simple marijuana offenses under federal law. With the United States winning state-by-state legalization and marching toward federal legalization, what is the legalization outlook internationally? To get a perspective on this, an informative article is in the

The Washington Post
CWCBExpo Exhibitor Testimonial
The Sales Joint

“We’ve been exhibiting for 3 to 4 years now, and it’s always been a great show for us. We are Delaware based, so NJ and NY going legal is incredibly exciting to us. We got to talk to really interesting people doing great things in cannabis, and on top of that, we got leads of people that we didn’t expect.”  Francesca Vavala, The Sales Joint

The Sales Joint
CWCBExpo Video Highlights Corner
Social Equity: Progress and Needed Change, CWCBExpo 2022

“Social Equity: Progress and Needed Change

This curated roundtable features the movers, shakers and changemakers in the cannabis industry who keep working toward progress and make difference. They discuss the current challenges and issues surrounding communities most affected by the war on drugs as well as the legislation across the US that has mandated steps to ensure progress for equity, fairness and business support.

Session speakers, from left to right are: Leo Bridgewater, Co-founder, Collective 60 New Jersey; Carlyn S. Buckler, Associate Professor Cornell University, School of Practice School of Integrative Plant Science, Chair of the Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Diversity and Inclusion Committee; Faye Coleman, Founder and CEO, Pure Genesis; Jerel Registre, Fund Managing Director, Curio Wellness; Moderated by Tanya Osborne, Founder CannaDiva, LLC, Director of Community Engagement and Digital Production for Women Grow.

Click here to watch the monthly video presentation.

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“What Cannabis World Congress has to offer, more than any other expo, is the expertise of the team that brings this together. They attract amazing speakers as well as great industry support for information on how to find your place in the cannabis industry.”
Keiko Beatie, Coral Cove Wellness

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Keiko Beatie at CWCBExpo
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