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Thursday, November 4

Keynote: In Conversation With…Christopher “CJ” Wallace & Willie Mack

Business executives and trail-blazers Christopher “CJ” Wallace and Willie Mack, Co-Founders of Think BIG & Frank White, will deliver the Thursday afternoon Keynote Address.

Christopher “CJ” and Willie have built cannabis businesses from coast-to-coast. We will get up-close and personal with them about their professional journey in the cannabis industry and what the challenges have been for them in building a brand, and what challenges still remain. They will discuss their future plans and what lies ahead.

Christopher "CJ" Wallace and Willie Mack

Christopher “CJ” Wallace, Co-founder, Think BIG & Frank White, (left) and Willie Mack, Co-founder and CEO, Think BIG & Frank White

Saturday, November 6

Keynote Entrepreneurship Panel: Faye Coleman & Calvin Frye, A Coast-to-Coast Perspective

Faye Coleman and Calvin Frye will give their first-hand inspiring experiences as entrepreneurs in both the cannabis and hemp industries. Calvin Frye was one of the first medical marijuana license holders in CA earned by him decades ago and since then, he has expanded his business holdings across several states. Faye Coleman is an East Coast business entrepreneur who has strategically helped to build several cannabis and hemp companies and organizations.

We will hear coast-to-coast perspectives from these extraordinary business pioneers and leaders who worked their way to ownership of cannabis and hemp licenses and success. Both Coleman and Frye are Multi-State Operators (MSOs). Hearing their journey will be a valuable experience for attendees who aspire to become a first-time cannabis or hemp investor or owner, or just looking to expand their current cannabis or hemp business. This is a must attend Keynote presentation for all entrepreneurs!

Faye Coleman and Calvin Frye

Faye Coleman, Founder, CEO, Pure Genesis (left) and Calvin Frye, Founder, Cloneville

Inside the Industry - Thought Leadership Series

This year’s business-to-business conference is proud to deliver “Inside the Industry – Thought Leadership Series.” The Thought Leadership Series encompasses curated and hosted content that takes a deep dive into where the industry is and where it is going. Throughout the Series and Conference, conversations, innovative presentations and panels will be hosted by cannabis and hemp professionals who have helped build the industry and who keep moving it forward.

Relevant and timely business-to-business topics include the latest on New York State Recreational Use legislation that was passed. We will meet and learn from the latest industry influencers regarding investment, finance, business opportunities, research, regulation, social equity, environmental issues, cultivation and much, much more.

Plenary sessions will be led and kicked-off each day by business notables including Geoff Whaling, Chair, National Hemp Association, Matthew Anderson, Founder & CEO, Vanguard Scientific, Keiko Beatie, Director of Education, Coral Cove Wellness Resort, Kymberly “KymB” Byrnes, Co-founder and CMO, TribeTokes, and many others who are building the next level of the industry bravely, courageously and innovatively.

There are so many exciting plenary discussions and relevant sessions over the 3-day Series and conference that you will not want to miss a thing.

Matthew Anderson and Geoff Whaling

Matthew Anderson, Founder, CEO, Vanguard Scientific (left) and Geoff Whaling, Chair, National Hemp Association

Your Emcees for the Conference Program

Keiko Beatie and Kymberly “KymB” Byrnes

CWCBExpo is proud to have Keiko Beatie and Kymberly “KymB” Byrnes as Conference Emcees. Their energy and industry backgrounds will enhance the experience over the 3 days of learning and networking.   

Keiko Beatie

Keiko Beatie, Director of Education, Coral Cove Wellness Resort

Kymberly "KymB" Byrnes

Kymberly “KymB” Byrnes, Co-founder, Tribetokes

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CWCBExpo will be welcoming some of the most influential and informed minds to join the conversation through an interactive “Talk Show” format hosted by Geoff Whaling and Matthew Anderson.

Geoff Whaling will provide his vision and his next big Green Wave Plan. His life-long work and collaboration with global activists, world leaders, Fortune 500 CEOs, Congress, celebrities, US government regulators and agencies, farmers, advocacy groups, educators and entrepreneurs helped him play a principal role in the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill that finally legalized hemp as an agricultural crop. It  helped him rebuild and elevate the National Hemp Association to become the most trusted expert authority in the hemp industry. Geoff will walk us through what it was like on the inside building the largest hemp and cannabis company on the planet—and then to leave—only to establish a $150 million SPAC fund that looked at two hundred hemp companies around the globe.

Matthew Anderson, of Vanguard Scientific, brings experience from leadership positions within the international wine & spirits and medical device industries, as well as corporate, private equity and political initiatives within the hemp and cannabis landscape. He will share perspectives, opinions and recommendations for advancing the global hemp and cannabinoid supply chain, including his learnings from non-canna CPG formulators, manufacturing and co-packing interests in the US as they work to scale hemp ingredient productization, while facing challenges when upregulating ingredients into formal Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) within the domestic and international pharmaceutical markets. He will also discuss gaps in understanding and expectations among investors, operators, regulators and consumers today and collaborative and cross-border initiatives under his direction that are harnessing academia, research, entrepreneurship and the expertise to build the supply chains of tomorrow.

Thursday, November 4, Highlights

Where We Are Today

A discussion and overview of what the landscape of the industry is today, focusing on key market and movement developments that have shaped the current industry environment.

New York: From Illicit into the Light

Investment Panel

Industry Update

Geoff Whaling and Matthew Anderson: An Interactive Audience Discussion on Where We are Today

New York State and the Recreational Marijuana & Taxation Act: Where We Are, Where We Are Going and How

Keynote Address: CJ Wallace & Willie Mack

...and Much More

Friday, November 5, Highlights

Challenges & Solutions

After recapping the Day 1 sessions, Geoff and Matthew will elaborate on what the roadblocks, challenges and solutions might be for some of the most important issues facing our industry. They will be joined by several business owners and respected industry professionals who will provide relevant and timely information, and who will present and discuss possible solutions that can be developed.


USDA Regulatory Issues Regarding Hemp, CBD, Delta 8/Delta9, and THC Levels

How Your Facility Ensures Business Success & Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) Operations

Cannabis 3.0 In A Venti, Double-Shot, Extra-hot, Skinny, Half-soy, No-Foam Kind of Way

…plus sessions on NYS Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA), Vaping Technology and Financial Planning

...and Much More

Saturday, November 6, Highlights

What's Next?

Geoff Whaling and Matthew Anderson will discuss what’s next for our industry, inviting industry-advancing speakers to the main stage to join in the discussion. One such pioneer joining them will be Michael J. Woods of Big Sun Holdings Group, owners of Black Buffalo 3D Corp. Attendees will get a first-hand description about several research and commercial projects that span the United States and across the globe.

Keynote Entrepreneurship Panel: Faye Coleman and Calvin Frye

Energy Efficient Cultivation Technology & Industry Best Practices

Insurance Intelligence for Cannabis & Hemp Business Owners

What You Want to Know About Recreational Use Licensing and New York’s Marijuana and Regulation Taxation Act

Keys to Successful Capital Raise for Your Business

…plus sessions on Business Opportunities, Marketing, Branding & Commerce

...and Much More

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Conference Program Sponsored by Vicente Sederberg

Inside the Industry – Thought Leadership Series Co-sponsored* by:
National Hemp Association & Vanguard Scientific



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