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August 2021 Newsletter
NJ Releases Recreational Cannabis Regulations Effective August 19, 2021
The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission released updated “Rules for Recreational Cannabis Market” and a fee schedule, starting the process to open license applications for the state. The published rules begin to give clarity on cultivation, manufacturing, and selling recreational cannabis in New Jersey.

Read the New Jersey regulations here:

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The New York Times reports on the local cannabis market:
The $8 Billion Question: Which Towns Will Cash In on Marijuana?
“After legalization, municipalities in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are deciding whether to permit cannabis businesses to open.”
On the Scene: A Night at a N.Y.C. ‘Smokeeasy’
The New York Times
Smoke Cafe

No Hangovers or Beer Bellies: Cannabis Firms try to Woo Booze Drinkers

“Major beer companies are investing in THC-infused drinks, but the sector represents less than 2 percent of the overall $20 billion marijuana market.”

Cannabis Now

Is Cannabis a Performance-Enhancing Drug?

“In a study published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine in 2018, investigators determined that while the use of cannabis in sports was not unusual, the notion that cannabis is a performance-enhancing drug was not supported by research. They also called for further study into the potential therapeutic effects of cannabis for athletes.

“’Although cannabis use is more prevalent in some athletes engaged in high-risk sports, there is no direct evidence of performance-enhancing effects in athletes,’ the authors of the study wrote in their conclusion. ‘The potential beneficial effects of cannabis as part of a pain management protocol, including reducing concussion-related symptoms, deserve further attention.’”

Cannabis Now
Running Contest
CBD Health & Wellness

National Football League Funds Cannabis Research for Pain Management

“Recently the National Football League (NFL) and the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) offered together over 1 million dollars as grant to fund research related to CBD and pain management….”

CBD Health & Wellness
Want to hear a discussion about the CBD/Hemp Industry?

“The American Hemp Industry: A US States and Stakeholder Perspective”

Hemp Industry Speakers

CWCBExpo is pleased to offer a continuing series of videos from its CWCBExpoInsider archive.

This discussion reviews the implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill, the current state of regulations and what it all means for the hemp industry on a federal and state level. In addition, a wide range of topics is presented, including: CBD, THC testing/compliance considerations; selecting genetics, understanding certificates of analysis, best practices and new innovations in farm equipment.

Cannabis Week

Monday, November 1 – Sunday, November 7

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Delta 9 Systems
Meet the Exhibitors: Delta9 Systems

Take your cannabis business to a higher level with Delta9 Systems products and solutions for product labeling, barcode and RFID traceability hardware, label printing and application systems, potency testing, automation, garden supplies and more. We work with cannabis and hemp producers and processors to help them maximize efficiencies and profitability.

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Don’t Miss the Delta9 Blog

In addition, we have an active blog on the Delta9 website which has great articles and posts that you can feel free to use:

Delta9 Cannabis Potency App
Delta9 Blog
Surna Cultivation Technologies
Meet the Exhibitors: Surna Cultivation Technologies

Surna Cultivation Technologies is an industry leader in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) facility design and technologies. We provide full-service licensed architectural and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering services, carefully curated HVACD equipment, and proprietary controls systems.

Our team of project managers, licensed professional architects and engineers, technology and horticulture specialists and systems integrations experts helps our customers by precisely designing for their unique applications. Through our partnership with a certified service contractor network we provide installation and maintenance services to assist in a smooth build-out and optimal facility performance. We have been providing solutions to indoor growers for over 15 years and have served over 800 cultivators with over 200 of them being large, commercial projects.

Find out more at:

Surna Grow Facility
Surna Grow Facility
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