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May 2021 Newsletter
Notable Mergers and Acquisitions

CWCBExpo is a Launchpad to Success

Congratulations and much success to all! CWCBExpo is thrilled to see the industry make great strides as a viable and essential business sector. We are delighted to have featured many of these companies as exhibitors and/or speakers at our CWCBExpo events:

Trulieve Acquires Harvest Health Recreation

Green Roads Being Acquired by Valens

Tilray & Aphria Create Mega Entity

Legalization and Penalties in the United States

What is the latest on legalization in the US? What penalties are on the books? Get the facts today from NORML’s clickable “State Laws” map:

Opportunities in Psychedelics: Health, Wellness & Business

CWCBExpo is pleased to offer a continuing series of videos from its CWCBExpoInsider archive. 

This May 2021 video was “Opportunities in Psychedelics: Health, Wellness & Business,” and highlights the emergence of Psychedelics from the 1960s until now, with an energetic discussion about how Psychedelics got included as part of the Schedule 1 listing. This panel also discusses psychedelics as an investment opportunity.

With Ariel Clark, Esq., Founder, Clark Howell, LLP; Joe Moore, Co-Founder, Psychedelics Today; moderated by Keiko Beatie, CEO, Greenwave Relations; introduction by Dr. Ken Weinberg, Chief Medical Officer, Cannabis Doctors of New York.

Want More About Psychedelics?

The New York Times: “The Psychedelic Revolution Is Coming. Psychiatry May Never Be the Same”

“Psilocybin and MDMA are poised to be the hottest new therapeutics since Prozac. Universities want in, and so does Wall Street.”

NYC Cannabis Parade & Rally

New York City Celebrates Legalization at NYC Cannabis Parade & Rally

If you missed the vibrant and historic NYC Cannabis Parade & Rally on May 1, read about the speakers, including top elected officials and activists, and experience the day’s activities here:

Meet the Exhibitors: The Packaging Company

Add Value to Your Brand Through Packaging

Adult use of cannabis is now legal in New Jersey and New York, priming the East Coast to become one of the biggest cannabis markets. As the marijuana industry continues to expand, creating value for your brand will be critical in competing on the shelf. The Packaging Company (TPC) has specialized in brand elevation and value-added packaging for clients for more than 25 years.

The Packaging Company, TPC
The Packaging Company product display

Branding will be a vital strategy for companies competing in the new market. Inevitably, the industry’s rapid expansion will slow. The companies that will continue to grow are the companies who have created experiences that resonate with customers while fulfilling their needs.

The Packaging Company is dedicated to helping you bring value to your brand. We offer advanced custom tooling, allowing companies to introduce new and creative concepts to the market. Our team of in-house designers and engineers assist clients from the conception stage to a finished product.

Visit the TPC website to take advantage of one-on-one consulting and elevate the value of your brand:

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