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June 2021 Newsletter
Legalization & Legislation in the United States: What's Happening?

Connecticut Legalizes
Congratulations to Connecticut for legalizing Recreational Marijuana!


Read about it here from NPR:

Senate Passes Growing Climate Solutions Legislation Act
Thank you to the National Hemp Association (NHA) for taking a lead role in getting the Growing Climate Solutions Act passed helping farmers and foresters.


Read about it here from the NHA website: 

Delta-8 Controversy

Learn about the issues surrounding Delta-8. Start with two articles from Emerald Magazine and then read the National Hemp Association’s position on Delta-8.


Emerald Magazine:


NHA’s Position on Delta-8:

More from the NHA: Juneteenth

The National Hemp Association (NHA) and NHA Standing Committee Members on Social Equity, Calvin Frye, Leo Bridgewater and Faye Coleman all honor Juneteenth. Calvin & Leo are also CWCBExpo Advisory Committee members.


Read it here: Juneteenth: A Day To Remember Now and Always

National Hemp Association
East Coast Market is Hot and Getting Hotter!

New York Real Estate and the Cannabis Market

The New York Times: ‘A Land Grab’ for a Piece of New York’s Marijuana Business

“Cannabis companies and brokers are rushing into what could be a $4.2 billion industry, but for all the excitement, there are significant challenges.”

Read the full article here:

"NYC Is Dead: Weed is Dead" Podcast
Christine Ianuzzi on Weed is Dead Podcast 2021

CWCBExpo’s Christine Ianuzzi is interviewed in the “NYC is Dead – Weed is Dead” podcast.

In the podcast “NYC is Dead” Comedians/journalists/NYC-enthusiasts Eitan Levine and Drexton Clemons are on a quest to prove that NYC is NOT DEAD through interviews with the people keeping this city alive.


In the “Weed is Dead” episode, they explore NYC’s marijuana industry as it goes “full rec legal” under new Cuomo legislation. They interviewed Christine Ianuzzi from CWCBExpo. The episode also includes an interview with the head of PR for NYC’s famous Weed World shop, and features a recording from a live show with comedian Laura High.

Have fun and enjoy!

Listen here:


Want more about the East Coast Market?

“The Legalization of Cannabis & Future Business Opportunities in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut”

CWCBExpo is pleased to offer a continuing series of videos from its CWCBExpoInsider archive. 

The June 2021 archive video was recorded pre-election in 2020 and documents the rapidly changing laws that are creating a multitude of new business opportunities in the most ethnically and geographically diverse region in the nation. This panel discussion provides insight into the state of medical cannabis, the emergence of adult-use cannabis businesses and how to begin the process of raising capital to help you reach your goals.


With Julianne Avallone, Legal Director, Department of Consumer Protection, State of Connecticut: Axel Bernabe, Assistant Counsel to the Governor for Health, NYS Executive Chamber; Jeff Brown, Assistant Commissioner Medical Marijuana, NJ Department of Health: and moderated by Kelley Crosson, Horticulture and Cannabis Consultant.


Meet the Exhibitors: Interface

Robust security, scalable network and business insights for cannabis retailers and growers


Interface offers cannabis operators innovative and cost-effective managed services to safeguard business, ramp-up network connectivity and comply with diverse federal, state, county, and city regulations. Services include:

•  Affordable Virtual Security Guard
•  Cannabis Lone Worker Protection
•  POS Exception Reporting
•  Managed Access Control Systems
•  Video Analytics

Interface Systems
Interface Systems Product Demo

Interface’s highly-affordable Virtual Security Guard package is ideally suited to the needs of cannabis distributors and dispensaries. The Personal Protection Monitoring service allows businesses to equip at-risk staff with a wearable safety device. POS Exception Reporting includes a powerful data analytics engine that can combine transaction logs from POS with data from video management software, as well as intrusion and alarm management systems to generate real-time alerts and reports. The Managed Access Control Systems gives customers the ability to rapidly deploy a centralized, cloud-based access control system configured to meet the security requirements for cannabis retail outlets and dispensaries taking into consideration the layout of the waiting rooms, sales areas, and smoke rooms. The Video Analytics Solution allows cannabis operators to make use of the data gathered by their existing surveillance cameras to derive actionable business intelligence and enhance customer experience.

Visit the Interface website to find out more and schedule a free consultation:

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