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February 2022 Newsletter

The CWCBExpo Yacht Party is Back!

The famous Industry Yacht party will take place at the end of Day 2 of the CWCBExpo, on Friday, June 3, from 6pm to 10pm. Boarding will be from the pier behind the Javits Center. You must be registered at CWCBExpo to attend.  Buy your tickets now for the best pricing.

Yacht Bell

This Month’s Featured Video Archive Recording:
“Entrepreneurship Conversation with Faye Coleman and Calvin Frye, Moderated by Steve Gelsi of Market Watch”

Faye Coleman and Calvin Frye give their first-hand experiences as entrepreneurs in the cannabis and hemp industries. Calvin Frye was one of the first medical marijuana license holders in CA, and has expanded his business holdings across several states. Faye Coleman is an East Coast business entrepreneur who has strategically helped to build several cannabis and hemp companies and organizations. Both Coleman and Frye are Multi-State Operators (MSOs).

This Month's Featured Video Archive Recording: "Entrepreneurship Conversation with Faye Coleman and Calvin Frye, Moderated by Steve Gelsi of Market Watch"

Coast to Coast Trends

Luxe lounges, more stores: The 5 trends that will shape L.A.’s cannabis scene in 2022. Read about the business opportunities now trending in this Los Angeles Times article.

Here are the 5 trends anticipated by Reuters:
Five Cannabis Trends to Watch in 2022

No more speakeasy. Speak loudly and carry a big blunt. What can New Jersey, New York and the nearby tristate areas expect in legal adult recreational consumption? No doubt legal consumption lounges will be ubiquitous in New York soon. Read it here in the New York Times.

Los Angeles Times
The New York Times

New Jersey Recreational

New Jersey’s Governor Murphy says he’d rather be right than fast as N.J. may delay recreational weed sales. Read the article here.


Federal Level Activity

Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer plans to push forward the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act (CAOA) this April. The CAOA if passed would allow the US Attorney General to remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances act among other positive things for the plant.  Read about here from NORML.


Drug Convictions, Social Justice, Social Equity

Report on drug convictions in New York that were not justified is revealed in a detailed report. Widespread drug tests that were flawed but yet, were used to convict and incarcerate individuals. Read about it in the New York Times: N.Y. Prisons Punished 1,600 Based on Faulty Drug Tests, Report Finds

Expunging pot convictions is proving to be a long and arduous process in many state and the delays and bureaucracy continue to impact the convicted individuals, their families and communities. The timeline for clearance and many other challenges persist for those who are still waiting to be cleared in California. Read about it in the LA Times: California promised ‘social equity’ after pot legalization. Those hit hardest feel betrayed

The New York Times
Los Angeles Times

International News

German Start-Ups Lay the Groundwork for a Marijuana Bonanza. Read the New York Times article here.

Malta is not only known for its fabulous history, coastline and beaches anymore. It continues to make history as the first EU country to legalize marijuana. Congratulations! Read about it in Marijuana Moment

The New York Times
Marijuana Moment

CWCBExpo Press Release: Gretchen Gailey Appointed as CWCBExpo Chief Strategist

In case you missed the recent EIN press release about our about CWCBExpo’s Appointment of Gretchen Gailey as Chief Strategist, you can read it here.

Gretchen Gailey


CWCBExpo now has a blog. It will feature posts on a variety of business subjects and will include special guest writers. Check it out today.

Meet this 2022 Exhibitor:

The Terpene Store

The Terpene Store
The Terpene Store
The Terpene Store
The Terpene Store is your #1 source for strain specific terpenes with over 200+ flavors to choose from in our diverse catalog! Great Flavors Start Here!

The Terpene Store, one of the original flavor-houses, has been pioneering the industry and working with top brands for over six years. We have a wide variety of over 200+ terpene flavors and can custom formulate for any scale company large to small. All our products are third party tested and created in our ISO 7, Class 10,000 Clean Room. We use 100% premium food grade ingredients that DO NOT include any PG, VG, PEG, MCT or other fillers. Based in Los Angeles, we are a family-owned-and-operated business with over 20+ employees that are hard at work to serve our clientele.

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